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Güncelleme tarihi: 8 Ara 2021

ML Perspective or Machine Learning Perspective is a new way to analyze (leverage) data without the classical constrain to 2D and 3D graphs to communicate its findings. Alejandro Romero, Industrial Engineer and Master in Finance & Investments from London by profession, and passionated by stochastic processes, has always sadly seen companies and people constraining themselves with the outdated view of communicating results within the scope of the dimensions mentioned before.

Thus, ML Perspective's logo easily conveys this limitation most people is dealing with: imagine that it is true the universe is concave and it is donut shaped, although it could also be a simple sphere. If hyperdimensional rectangles would interact with our world we would see a series of lines that we could difficultly interpret and understand. Same happens with everything in our world, numbers are everywhere and, as 3D living beings, we try to understand it from our perspective, which could be impossible or extremely difficult.

For this reason, ML Perspective adds useful features to the existent data in order to help its interpretation, this additions are based on probabilities, a common point, and other insights from the data being analyzed. Therefore, it does not constrain itself to what the data shows on the surface but rather uncovers it with its unique well researched methods that have been tunned since 2019. Would you like to see what your data is truly saying? ML Perspective aims at helping those who like to see beyond.

Alejandro Romero

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