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autodesk, fusion 360, 3d printing, 3d design, stl files, mesh, cad software, finite element analysis, topology, data science

Become a New Perspectiver

  • Exec. New Pers.

    Perfect for professional analysts, researchers, etc.
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    • Interactive charts
    • Detailed explanation of data
    • Weekly on-time updates
    • Comprehensive Excel reports
    • Clarifications via email within 24hrs
    • Monthly Subscriptions
  • Stud. New Pers.

    Perfect for students that need references with detailed info
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    • Interactive charts
    • Weekly updates
    • Basic Excel Reports
  • Developer

    Those who wish to buy any of the codes developed by ML Pers.
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    • All codes that are to be developed within the subscription
    • time duration.
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