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ML Perspective



About ML Perspective

Hi! My name is Alejandro Romero, I am an Industrial Engineer and Master in Finance & Investments by profession. Since I was a child, I got passionated by finance and statistics.
Never believed on the time-series approach for stock prices as the latter ones are purely random, and always thought that to communicate data in 2D is very constraining.
Therefore, what to do about it? as most of companies are very reactive to both new ideas and changed, added to the fact that just few of them would -maybe- give you the chance to listen to you to create a novel approach and spread it on the benefit of millions of people, I created my own perspective to innovate without limitations while reaching as much audience as the internet allows me to.
My background in mathematics, physics, finance, statistics, and machine learning, plus my experience in international companies in Latin America, Europe, and Asia, give me a unique position to observe problems that are yet to be solved.

A Different Approach
Şimdi İzle

I decided to change the way we, professionals, analyze data. We constrain ourselves by the traditional approach of time-series, 2D graphs, among others. Stock prices, as many variables on earth, are chaotic; hence, the best approach is to predict a range where it will end up at a determined certainty. Let's see what is hidden beyond stochastic processes together with a different approach!