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About ML Perspective

Hi! My name is Alejandro Romero, I am an Industrial EngineerMaster in Finance & Investments from London, and candidate to Master in Artifical Inteligence in Automotive from Germany. Since I was a child, I got passionated by finance, technology,

research and statistics.
Never believed on the time-series approach for stock prices as the latter ones are purely random, and always thought that to communicate data in 2D is very constraining.
Therefore, what to do about it? as most of companies are very reactive to both new ideas and change, added to the fact that just few of them would -maybe- give you the chance to listen to you to create a novel approach and spread it on the benefit of millions of people, I created my own perspective to innovate without limitations while reaching as much audience as the internet allows me to.
My background in mathematics, physics, finance, statistics, and machine learning, plus my experience in international companies in Latin America, Europe, and Asia, give me a unique position to observe problems that are yet to be solved.

A Different Approach
Şimdi İzle

I decided to change the way we, professionals, analyze data and find solutions to current problems. We constrain ourselves by the traditional approach of time-series, 2D graphs, among others. Stock prices, as many variables on earth, are chaotic; hence, the best approach is to predict an investment decision under uncertainty. Likewise, the use of complex numbers has not been explored for stochastic processes, manufacturing must be changed to bet global inflation, and much more. Let's explore together with a different approach!

Data Leverage + Different Approach = Missed Insights Coming to Light

Unfortunately, I have seen many cases of data analyzed on the traditional way or as "it has always be done".
These approaches, as expected, will take the analysts involved to the same results over and over again.
I am a person that is not afraid of making mistakes and takes calculated risks all the time, I always propose new features that reveal hidden information of the variable being evaluated.

newplot (2).png

Everything is Governed by Numbers

Stochastic processes can be seen as random when they are observed within the framework of our 2D and 3D concepts. The universe, however, is believed to be made up of up to 11 dimensions, however, as 3D living beings, we constrain ourselves to this one or lower dimensions. Just by including time we already jump to a 4D scheme. Then, if the right features are used, some behaviors of the analyzed data come to light.

newplot (1).png


Random points scattered on a positive second derivative surface compounded by complex planes, dark spots mean imaginary positions.

newplot (3).png

Hidden Behavior

After 20 seconds of moving between the complex planes randomness disappears and points group                 up on defined pattern.

Contact Info

367/4 Sk. N.5 Narpark Residence Kat 1 Daire 112 Kazımdirik Mah.

+90 538 054 8706

Financial District
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